The Knucklehead Menís Group is now meeting in person on Wednesdays at 7pm on the campus of University of San Diego in a conference room at Hahn University Center, Room 128.

The meeting is also still taking place on Zoom (Meeting ID: 864 8897 1888 or link here -

Please see maps and links below for more directions on how to get there and where to park without a permit.

Please note that at USD, masks are currently required in all indoor areas, including our meeting room. However, during the meeting, you can remove your mask when it is your turn to share. We also share from the podium so that members on Zoom can see and hear the meeting, also.

There is a projector and screen in the meeting room so that members attending can see and hear  people on Zoom.


The Hahn Center is located in the middle of the campus on the north side and the Google link for the building is here. The interactive campus map shown below can be found here.

From Linda Vista Road, you can enter the campus via the Main Entrance (Alcala Parkway) or the West Entrance (Marian Way) but the Main Entrance is easier


Entering the MAIN ENTRANCE, you can either go straight on Alcala Parkway which takes you around the back of the HUC building where there is a parking lot marked "Permit Only-Reserved" but permits are not required after 7pm and if you get there a little early, they said not to worry. 

Or turn left immediately onto TORERO WAY which takes you past the front of of the HUC building; bear to the right and and there is another "Permit Only-Reserved" lot there. There are also "two-hour" parking slots in the front of the building.

map 2

Enter the building at the doors marked above and below. The "Front Door" is on the second floor of the building so If you enter there, you will need to go down one level. Meeting is in Hahn Center, Room 128:

map 3

If you get lost or need assistance, please call or text Michael P. at 619-778-8443. See you there!